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     Saturday, 2:30-3:45 pm

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Embodied Practice Track // Room: Aviators

Elizabeth Temple

Crazy Horse Art Studio

Grapevine, TX

"Mosaic Art Work"

About the Workshop: Crazy Horse Art Studio offers individual or group workshops to create your own beautiful mosaic art! Everything you need is supplied along with step-by-step instructions during your workshop. Pre-ordered kits will be made available to participants of the E2024 Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy Conference for this extended afternoon workshop.

Cost: $45

When: This workshop will be held on-site at the Hyatt Regency on Saturday afternoon during the extended break time. It is a great alternative activity to visiting downtown Grapevine.

Those who preordered have a confirmed spot. 
Elizabeth will have a dozen additional sets avaialble for purchase at the event time. (Password is E2024)

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth became obsessed with mosaic art during a trip to Europe in her early twenties. Her Grandmother had taught me how to cut glass at a young age, and she loved making stained glass pieces with her. When she inherited her stained glass collection and equipment, she started using the glass to create mosaic art. She now shares her passion with others by conducting workshops to teach others this art at Crazy Horse Art Studio ~ Mosaics & More, located in Grapevine, Texas.

Practical Application Track // Room: San Antonio

Corri Cusimano

The Wesleyan Church

Brandywine, MD

"Grief and Congregational Care"

About the Workshop: As daughters of prophecy, we are to speak forth divinely inspired counsel – the Greek definition of “prophesy” in our theme scripture. Mourners can grieve in hope when given counsel under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who brings peace and comfort in loss. This workshop will provide attendees with a working knowledge of grief care, practical applications, and resources for supporting grievers. Corri speaks from her personal experience with grief, how God has impacted her grief journey, and why this knowledge is important to congregational care.

About Corri

Corri Cusimano is a Pastoral Counselor and Prayer Team Lead at New Life in LaPlata, MD. She’s the founder of Southern Maryland Overdose Death Support, coaching over 300 families across the United States. Corri is also a speaker and presenter at Chesapeake Hospice, National Day of Prayer Southern Maryland Branch, Boys Scouts of America, local grief retreats and recovery events. Corri has authored “The Redemption Exemption”, a biographical pathway through the spiritual journey of grief. She’s currently a ministerial Student in the Wesleyan Church attending Southern Wesleyan University and a Mental Health Technician certified by the College of Southern Maryland.

Practical Application Track // Room: Fort Worth

Rev. Aimee Copley Mulder

Church of the Nazarene

Muskegon, MI

"Imago Dei: Preaching a Dynamic Picture of God"

About the Workshop: We have a tremendous opportunity when we preach to paint a picture of God and proclaim who God is. In this current day when daughters prophesy, we need to know what image of God informs our faith and the proclaimed Word. Who we think God is effects how we walk in faith and who we become in Christ. This workshop will ask preachers to examine the language they use for God and the dangers of having a static picture of God. We will also delve into different preaching forms and how those structures effect the preached imago Dei.

About Rev. Mulder

Aimee Copley Mulder is a passionate Christian who is in the middle of her 18th year of co-pastoring a local church. Devin and Aimee have pastored two churches that were each more than 100 years old and long to be incarnational in their community. Aimee is pursuing her Doctorate of Ministry in Spiritual Formation from Nazarene Theological Seminary to graduate in May of 2024. Her dissertation is tentatively entitled: Imago Dei: Examining the Image of God Preachers Proclaim.

Ford (16), Cooper (14), and Tucker (12) are the joys of Aimee’s life and she can be seen on the sidelines of the football and soccer fields losing her preaching voice. The churches Aimee pastors have sometimes had to decide which bill they can pay and she has always had to double as a church janitor. Aimee is fueled by her daily 4 shots of espresso and the Holy Spirit.

Practical Application Track // Room: Houston

Rev. Patricia Porter

Free Methodist Church

Murrieta, CA

Chaplain Rev. Calia Rodriguez

Free Methodist Church

Dallas, TX

Chaplain Rev. Keli Pennington

Free Methodist Church

Greenville, IL

"'Women in Chaplaincy: A Prophetic Presence and Voice in the World"

About the Workshop: Chaplains bring a prophetic vision and voice into secular settings in their communities by “Connecting Christ to Community.” They do this through compassionate care, redemptive counseling, whole person care, and prioritizing their own growth. Participants will hear lived experiences from two women chaplains and learn more about the vocation and pathways in chaplaincy. Participants will also gain understanding of the way chaplaincy creates unique opportunities for women clergy to minister in diverse settings and the practical ways to live out that calling.

About the Workshop Leaders

Rev. Patricia Porter (MA Theology, Licensed Physical Therapist) is a Co Director of FMCUSA Chaplain Ministries along with her husband Dr. Tim Porter. Patricia has been a retreat speaker, worship pastor, preacher, and teacher in many diverse settings. Along with her husband, Patricia ministered for 15 years in Free Methodist churches in Oregon and for 20 years in the military setting where Tim was an Air Force chaplain. She is actively engaged in the missional movement of chaplaincy in the US and abroad, and recently organized a teaching team to train chaplains in Burundi, Africa. She has also assisted in developing Introduction to Chaplaincy curriculum for various institutions. The Porters have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Chaplain Rev. Calia Rodriguez (MDiv) is an Elder in the Free Methodist Church who has served as the Associate Pastor for Family Ministries and Mission at First United Methodist Church, Bedford, TX, for 13 years. Calia completed one unit of CPE and is presently working as a PRN chaplain at Children’s Medical Center Dallas and is preparing to begin her one-year residency as a pediatric hospital chaplain. Calia and her husband Ricardo have 2 children.   

Chaplain Rev. Keli Pennington (MDiv) is an Elder in the Free Methodist Church who graduated from Greenville University in 2016 where she studied Communication and Theology. She and her husband, Willem, moved to North Carolina where she graduated from Duke Divinity School. In the spring of 2022, Keli was hired as the chaplain at Greenville University in Greenville, IL.

Practical Application Track // Room: Enterprise 5-8

Major Catherine Fitzgerald

The Salvation Army

New Albany, IN

Captain Brianne Bowers

The Salvation Army

Chicago, IL

"Facilitating Prophecy: Guiding others to hear God’s voice through intentional prayer ministry"

About the Workshop: Description: It is one thing to hear God’s voice for yourself and another thing facilitate others being able to hear God’s voice. This workshop will give practical ministry application for clergy seeking to help others hear God’s voice. Ministry will focus on intentional prayer times which identify common barriers to hearing God and invite his healing to overcome those barriers.

About the Workshop Leaders

Major Catherine Fitzgerald is an officer in The Salvation Army in New Albany, Indiana. She is passionate about discipling leaders and training pastors. She has served with The Salvation Army in Indiana, Illinois, and Jamaica. She participates as an active member with Connect Up prayer ministry and has seen so many people changed through emotional spiritual healing prayer. She is serves alongside her husband Jonathan and loves spending time with her kids Emily (15) and AJ (13).

Captain Brianne Bowers is an officer in The Salvation Army in Chicago, Illinois. She loves working with youth and young adults and is passionate about equipping young people for ministry. She has served with The Salvation Army in South Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, and Illinois. She also participates with Connect Up prayer ministry and loves seeing people find healing and freedom through prayer. She serves alongside her husband Tony and is raising four amazing and rambunctious boys: Aiden (15), Josiah (14), Ezra (10), and Roman (7).

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