Workshop Three


     Saturday, 10:45am-12pm

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Embodied Practice Track // Room: Aviators

Rev. Dr. Francisca Ireland-Verwoerd

Church of the Nazarene

Quincy, MA

About Rev. Dr. Ireland-Verwoerd

Francisca Ireland-Verwoerd is an ordained Nazarene minister with a PhD in Wesleyan Aesthetics and Art Pedagogy. Although an autoimmune disease does not allow her to work in traditional ministry roles, she fills her time and vocation with occasional teaching, preaching, writing, art making and hospitality.

Francisca, a citizen of the Netherlands and permanent resident of the US, served with her husband, Rev. Dr. Daryl Ireland, as missionary to the Fiji Islands, Taiwan, and in mission administration. After a midlife crisis, Francisca became more intentional about exploring and expressing art and creativity as part of her spiritual life, ministry, and communication. She is currently working on the first mystery novel in a series that features the life and theology of John Wesley. Also on her heart and hands is the construction of a 7.5’ x 36’ art installation called The Wall of Tears, which promotes the cause of the circa 400,000 migrant children that have entered the US unaccompanied in recent years. She has started the non-profit The Wall of Tears Inc. to raise funds for the artwork and the advocacy.

Daryl and Francisca have one daughter, Emma †, and a son, Alexander who is a senior at Trevecca Nazarene University.

"Incorporating Art in Transformation Teaching"

About the Workshop: Based on Rev. Dr. Ireland-Verwoerd’s doctoral studies, training, PhD dissertation, articles, blogs, book chapters and extensive teaching experience with art and embodied practices, this workshop presents the neuroscience behind the transformational power of art viewing and “doing” and leads the participants through various exercises. The participatory part of the workshop follows a template that allows anyone with an interest in and affinity for embodied practice, aesthetics, creative expressions, and art to begin accessing this more “right-brain realm.”

Outcomes:  Participants will have a good grasp of the science behind pedagogy with art and the need for this pedagogy if our goal as ministers is to lead our people into more whole and holy lives. From the presentation and the experience of the exercises, the potential for transformation in spiritual life will become evident.

Spiritual Formation Track // Room: San Antonio

Rev. Donna S. Carlile, BCC

 Church of the Nazarene

Lake Worth Beach, FL

"How Spiritual Direction Shapes How I Sit with God, Myself, and Others"

About the Workshop: Participants in this workshop will explore how spiritual direction is a tool for spiritual formation. They will learn to identify three tools of spiritual direction for growing in personal spiritual and empowered ministry. This workshop will be interactive, giving participants the opportunity to practice “sacred silence” with one another. 

About Rev. Carlile

Called to create opportunities for others to experience God at work, Rev. Donna S. Carlile is an ordained elder and ecclesiastically endorsed chaplain in the Church of the Nazarene. She currently serves as lead pastor to a multicultural congregation in Lake Worth Beach, Florida; services Palm Beach County, Florida as a hospice chaplain; and leads a shared campus with 3 unique language-speaking congregations: Haitian Creole, Spanish, and English. Further, Donna is a board-certified chaplain, spiritual director, and spiritual care consultant. Following her undergraduate degree in religion from Trevecca Nazarene University (2003) and Master of Divinity specializing in evangelism from Nazarene Theological Seminary (2007), Donna is now completing her Doctor of Ministry in spiritual formation and spiritual direction from Fuller Theological Seminary. With over 20 years of ministry experience, Donna has served Jesus as pastor in Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas. Through professional civilian chaplaincy, Donna has served hospice and palliative care patients, families, and communities in Florida, California, and Oregon. Donna and her husband have been married for nearly 20 years, have 2 teenage daughters, and treasure life in Florida.

Intellectual Growth Track // Room: Fort Worth

Rev. Kayleigh Clark

Free Methodist Church

Havre De Grace, MD

"Answering God’s Call to Care for Those Wounded by the Church"

About the Workshop: Spiritual abuse, religious trauma, and church hurt are filling podcasts, documentaries, and our social media feeds. However, abuse at the hand of religious leaders is not new and our God has a plan of healing and restoration. In Jeremiah 23, in response to corrupt shepherds, God says he will rise up new shepherds. Today, this is a call female pastors are uniquely positioned to answer. Will we be these new shepherds? Will the daughters of God rise up and prophesy healing in the face of abuse? This workshop will equip participants with trauma-informed ministry practices that they might use their unique female prophetic voice to gather those who have been scattered and bind up those who have been shattered.

About Rev. Clark

Kayleigh Clark is a lover of Jesus and his church. She is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church and a ThD candidate at Kairos University. Her current dissertation research seeks to identify a path towards healing for congregations who have experienced internal collective trauma. She is the founder of Restor(y) a resourcing, training, and consulting ministry dedicated to partnering with local churches on the journey towards healing. Kayleigh lives in Maryland with her husband Nate and their son Timothy where she has the privilege of shepherding a wonderful group of people at The River, a dinner church that meets in her living room. When she is not writing, studying, or imagining ways towards a healthier church, Kayleigh can be found outside with her family or in pursuit of the best local chai tea latte. 

Practical Application Track // Room: Houston

Rev. Joyce A. Smith

Church of God

Statesboro, GA

"The Intentionality of Young Daughters Prophesying"

About the Workshop: How intentional are we about forming nurturing relationships with our young daughters to support them in discovering their spiritual gifts? For most clergywomen we have had another woman to mentor us on our journey of life which has fostered our growth. If the community of clergywomen is to remain a powerful force in spreading the gospel, our intentions toward our young daughters to prophesy must intensify. This session will explore strategies that will facilitate a nurturing relationship with them as we address skewered prospectives about clergywomen, increase our knowledge of developmental and cultural characteristics of young women, and develop an outline for a spiritual component to be included in a mentoring program.

About Rev. Smith

Joyce was born in Pelham, Georgia, the youngest of 9 children. She resides in Statesboro, Georgia with her husband of 37 years, Dr. Alexander Smith Jr. To this union 3 mighty men of God were birth Alexander, Brandon, and Justin. October 12 th is her spiritual birthday.

Rev. Joyce Smith has been in ministry over 40 years and presently is an ordained minister of the Church of God serving as pastor for the Portal Church of God and the Leadership Focus administrator for Georgia as part of the Credentials committee. She has served the state in several positions as the state secretary, on various committees, state Women President, and Elders Board. She has earned a Master of Ministry degree in Pastoral Studies from Covington Theological Seminary.

She has also earned a Bachelor and Master of Education degree from Georgia Southern and Armstrong Atlantic Universities. For 32 years she was a general and special educator. She was also a college supervisor, mentor of new teachers, educational presenter, and club advisor.

She values family time with her husband, sons, mother, and siblings. As time permits a day of gospel videos and westerns always brings relaxation and renewal.

Justice Track //
Room: Enterprise 5-8

Rev. Kari Morris-Guzman

Free Methodist Church

Riverside, CA

"Making the Gospel Accessible to All People"

About the Workshop: The goal of this workshop is for participants to overcome barriers and raise awareness that exist for women with disabilities to experience full inclusion in professional ministry. Daughters with disabilities are included in the prophesying daughters spoken of in Acts 2, and participants will walk through applicable scriptures highlighting these daughters. Participants will be challenged to identify barriers and obstacles that exist in the church for persons with disabilities, specifically those in ministry or those called into ministry. Participants will also be given resources and tools to address these challenges.

About Rev. Morris-Guzman

Rev. Kari Morris-Guzman has been an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church since 2000. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries from Greenville (College) University in 1996, and a Master’s of Divinity degree from Azusa Pacific University in 2007. Kari has served in three Free Methodist Churches as an Associate Pastor, and is currently serving at The Avenue Church in Riverside, California. She lives in Riverside with her 12 year old daughter, Grace.

Co-Laborers Track //
Room: Maverick

Rev. Jason Le Shana

Indiana Wesleyan University & Baylor University

Woodway, TX

"'It Starts with Listening: Making space for the real-life experiences of women in ministry based on insights from new research

About the Workshop: Acts 2:17-18 articulates God’s divine plan, that women and men are both fully empowered to prophesy (i.e., teaching and proclaiming God’s Word). However, the reality is that even in traditions and denominations theoretically supportive of this egalitarian vision, women sometimes experience barriers that hinder their ability to fulfill this calling. This workshop will report recent research describing the barriers and opportunities women clergy face in their own words, and invite male co-laborers to consider ways in which we might better show up as listeners first to the unique stories of the women leaders around us.

About Rev. Le Shana

Rev. Jason Le Shana is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church USA and a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University (graduation anticipated later in 2024). His current research is focused on promoting a better understanding of the lived experiences of women senior pastors in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. Jason has previously served in youth and worship ministry positions in local churches within the Evangelical Friends Church and the Free Methodist Church. He is currently serving at Baylor University as the Program Director for the Religion & Disability Initiative. Jason’s wife Stephanie served as a Families Ministries Pastor in the local church for seven years and is now a full-time professional photographer. Stephanie and Jason love that they are currently living the “good old days” of parenthood, raising their three boys Elijah (10), Micah (9), and Jude (5) along with the real family MVP, Lucy the rambunctious golden retriever.

Talleres de Español //
Aula: Grapevine

Rev. Arlynn Ellis

La Iglesia Wesleyana

San Antonio, TX

"Enviadas (Sent)"

Se ha escrito mucho sobre la idea de ser Enviado. Muchos de nosotros aceptamos el llamado y fuimos a servir en aquellos lugares donde Dios nos abrió la puerta. Jesús dijo: “La paz esté con vosotros. Como el Padre me envió, así os envío yo”. Ser enviado nunca tuvo la intención de terminar con nosotros. Si hemos sido enviados, estamos llamados a enviar. Este taller está destinado a equiparnos y desafiar a cada uno de nosotros a enviar como Jesús envio.

Much has been written on the idea of being Sent. For many of us, we accepted the call and have gone and served in those places where God has opened the door. Jesus said “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”. Being sent was never meant to stop with us. If we have been sent, we are called to send out. This workshop is meant to equip and challenge each of us to send like Jesus sent.

Sobre la Rev. Ellis

Arlynn tiene más de 19 años de experiencia laboral en la gestión de organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Trabajó durante más de 10 años para Methodist Healthcare Ministries como directora de operaciones y bienestar familiar y 1 año para SA Youth como vicepresidenta de operaciones. Arlynn es la fundadora de Acts of Hope, una organización sin fines de lucro 501(c)3. Tiene dos hijos y ha estado casada durante más de 22 años. Arlynn busca impactar la vida de las personas para que experimenten una transformacion spiritual. Es ministra ordenada y actualmente se desempeña como Superintendente Asistente del Distrito Mountain Plains de La Iglesia Wesleyana.

Arlynn has over 19 years of work experience in Nonprofit Management. She worked for over 10 years for Methodist Healthcare Ministries as their Director of Family Wellness and Facilities Operations and 1 year for SA Youth as their VP of Operations.  Arlynn is the founder of Acts of Hope- a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. She has two sons and has been married for over 22 years. Arlynn loves seeing people live transformed lives. She is an ordained minister and currently serves as the Assistant District Superintendent of the Mountain Plains District of The Wesleyan Church.

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