**Information is subject to change if needed. The conference website will be updated if changes occur. All main session gatherings & workshops that are held in the main gathering space will include Spanish translation and be available on live stream.**

– Welcome Check-in/Registration: 2pm-6pm

– Exhibit Hall open: 4pm

– Hors d’oeuvres Reception: 5pm-6:30pm

Main Session 1 Keynote Jo Saxton:  6:30pm (doors open 6pm)

Main Session 2 Women’s Leadership Panel: 8:30pm  

[Featuring: Rev. Amelia Cleveland-Traylor, MD., Rev. Arlynn Eliss, Dr. & other female leaders TBD]

– Exhibit Hall Open: 8am

Main Session 3 Keynote Jo Saxton: 9am (doors open 8:30am)

Workshops Session 1: 10:30am (Refer to list below)

Lunch: 12pm (meal included for all registered conference attendees)

Workshops Session 2: 1:30pm (Refer to list below)

Main Session 4 Men’s Leadership Panel: 3pm-4:30pm 

[Featuring: Dr. Rev. Wayne Schmidt, Pastor Kyle Ray, Dr. Kevin Mannoia, Superintendent Michael Forney]

– Evening Reception 5pm-6pm

– Denominational Gatherings: 5pm-8pm

Main Session 5 Keynote Kadi Cole: 8pm (doors open 7:30)

             [Liturgical Evening Prayer service to follow main session]

– Exhibit Hall open: 8am

Main Session 6 Keynote Kadi Cole: 8:30am (doors open 8am)

– Workshops Session 3: 10am

– Workshops Session 4: 11:45am

– Break/Downtown Grapevine Visit: 1:30pm

Dinner:  6pm (meal included for all registered conference attendees)

Final Main Session 7 Rev. Dr. Colleen Derr: 8pm (doors open 7:30pm)

– E2022 Sunday Send Off: 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. [Hosted by WHWC Board]

This simple service is the benediction for our time together at [E2022 Her Story]. Join us Sunday morning for an informal gathering of fellowship, prayer, and encouragement with the WHWC Board before you head home.


Workshops Session 1: Friday 10:30 am

    Living in the YET: When Questioning God Brings Joy: Rev Dr. Dee Stokes

    *Livestream & Spanish translation available for this specific workshop

    This is a lament session. When Habakkuk lamented and questioned God, he found peace, joy, and greater intimacy. A dedicated session for women to lament all that we have gone through the last 2 + years and find peace, joy, answers, and greater intimacy with God!

    Making Margin to Thrive in Life and Ministry:  Rev. Jen Howat

    Sharing from my personal experience of burnout, this workshop is a candid conversation about the reality of burnout in ministry and what you can do to stay rooted in Jesus so that you can continue to do what you were called to do and not lose yourself along the way.

    Leading from the Margins:  Rev. Christine Youn Hung

    Cultural change is not coming from top-tier leadership but from the groundswells of those on the edges. This workshop will identify strategies to bring movement to a God-given calling even when there has been no formal invitation to lead. A case study will detail the journey of the NOW Movement which was started with one marginalized voice and resulted in a robust collective that emboldens followers to pursue racial justice. In a pandemic of dissension found even within the church, leaders must learn to steward their voices and their relational capital to create the change that is desired. 

    Radical Self-Care: Sustainability for this Ministry Era:  Rev. Dr. Margie Bryce

    Radical self-care? Oh no, not another thing to feel guilty about! Come learn how to cultivate sustainability for your life and ministry so you can go the distance with God. The WHY of self-care. The HOW of self-care. WHAT biblical self-care looks like. 

    Extending Welcome: Refugee Ministry in the Local Church:  Rev. Amy Heckman  

    With the sudden arrival of 76,000+ evacuees from Afghanistan in 2021, and more still to come, the need for churches in the United States to respond to refugees in their communities is enormous. In this workshop, we’ll explore God’s heart for the “stranger”, the history of the refugee resettlement program and how it functions today, and practical ways your church can extend radical hospitality to and advocate for people on the move. 

    Coaching Vocational Discernment & Practice: Rev. Dr. Trisha Welstad

    This session will cover the primary areas where our vocation gets stuck, how to get clear on our calling (bigger than a job), and the strategic steps for action toward living our vocation. We will also cover tips for coaching those we lead in their calling.

    Workshops Session 2: Friday 1:30 pm

    Supernatural: Carolyn Moore

    *Livestream & Spanish translation available for this specific workshop

    When Jesus sent the first disciples out, he gave them authority and power to cast out demons, cure disease, proclaim the Kingdom and heal the sick. That was his commission of the first followers, and that is still the charge of the Church today. Come learn more about what it means to serve in the spirit of those first disciples and carry a supernatural ministry into the world. Participants will learn what it means to minister in the spirit of Luke 9:1-2, become more familiar with spiritual warfare praying and healing prayer & receive the opportunity to experience healing prayer.

    Backyard Missions – Reaching the Nations Without Moving:  Rev. Mireille Tanner

    As Christians, we are called to love and to reach out to all people, no matter where they are from. If you want to reach out to your immigrant neighbors, as an individual or as a church, but don’t know how, this session can help you start the journey. We will discover what the Bible says about loving the stranger, what attitude we need to bring to reach out to those who are different, and look at practical ways how to build bridges to those from other countries who now live among us.

    Becoming MORE than Conquerors!: Pastor Elaine

    Most Christian Leaders struggle with feelings of inadequacy about being in positions of influence.  Come hear a practical process to help conquer self-doubt and hone your speaking skills so you can confidently grow your ministry.  Pastor Elaine is an ordained pastor, licensed marriage and family therapist, and professionally trained speaker who loves teaching Christian leaders how to live as MORE than conquerors!

    How to not be THAT Church” Cross-Cultural, Trauma-Informed, Incarnational Ministry:  Dr. Courtney Skiera-Vaughn & Pastor Greg Arthur

    We will talk through both a theological framework and practical ministry steps for working in cross-cultural settings, especially among those who have experienced trauma. We will explore: how the assumptions we bring into a cross-cultural setting shape and form our actions with a host of unintended consequences, how we can extend the presence of Christ into a cross-cultural setting in trauma-informed ways, and what working with survivors of sex trafficking has taught us about the good news. 

    Enneagram and Spiritual Formation: Megan Hall & Deedra Mager

    As people born into a broken world, we often wind up stuck in a cycle of trying to fix it all ourselves. But our lives are a journey leading us towards being connected back to the Creator.  We use the tool of the enneagram to help women identify the broken story they’ve been telling their whole lives.  

    Identifying our broken patterns and how we choose to fix them ourselves is the first step towards healing. We need awareness of how we think, feel, act, and respond. Even more importantly, we need awareness of the subconscious motivations that drive all of those thoughts, feelings, actions, and responses.

    Disrupting Injustice: Ministering to Foster and Adoptive Families: Rev. Rachel A. Kuhn

    The door to advocate for justice in the lives of orphans and children experiencing foster care is wide open. The question is, as ministry leaders, how do we walk through it and/or support others who have? Pastor Rachel is an adoptive and foster mom. In this workshop, she will help equip the called and support those paving the ways of justice in their local context.  

    Workshops Session 3: Saturday 10 am


    Diversity and Inclusion–Leading the multiethnic church: Rev. Dr. Carron Odokara

    *Livestream & Spanish translation available for this specific workshop

    This session will examine how leadership develops the multiethnic church.  We will discuss diversity and inclusion from the congregational and denominational perspectives. 

    How Women Rise: Overcoming Scarcity Mindset: Rev. JoAnn Bastien

    Too often we view the Kingdom of God with a limited mindset. Now more than ever, your presence is needed to lead and love. Let’s talk about the things that keep us from rising to our God-given potential. You will leave with at least one practical step to implement in the year ahead. 

    Faithful Presence: Embodying the Mission of God in our Communities: Lauren Snodgrass

    What is the Church’s mission? What is our involvement in this mission and how are we to live it out in our context? This session will explore these questions considering the practice of being faithfully present in our world. Using stories of communities embodying faithful presence, we will examine the theological foundation and practices that invite us to make Christ’s presence known in our neighborhoods.  

    The Sanctified Imagination: Encountering God Through Pictures: Jessica Broich

    This session will explore how God can speak through our imaginations—even if you are not a “creative”. We will look at scripture, how God encourages through pictures, as well as some of the pitfalls of inaccurate word pictures. We will talk about how to protect our imaginations so they can be used for God’s purposes. At the end, we will get a chance to pray and practice what we have learned.

    Pioneering New Ministries: Rev. Bernie Haddad

    If you feel like God is calling you to start a new ministry but you don’t know where to begin, you are not alone. Christian women all over the world are being used by God in new and unique ways to reach people to grow His Kingdom. Learn how to turn your idea into a functional ministry.


    Becoming MORE than Conquerors!: Pastor Elaine

    Most Christian Leaders struggle with feelings of inadequacy about being in positions of influence.  Come hear a practical process to help conquer self-doubt and hone your speaking skills so you can confidently grow your ministry.  Pastor Elaine is an ordained pastor, licensed marriage and family therapist, and professionally trained speaker who loves teaching Christian leaders how to live as MORE than conquerors!


    Workshops Session 4: Saturday 11:45 am

    How to use Cutting Edge Tools to Advance your  Teaching, Preaching, and Study: Chauncey Allmond

    *Livestream & Spanish translation available for this specific workshop

    Join Chauncey Allmond as he demonstrates how Logos Bible Software integrates cutting-edge technology, media resources, and a massive theological library to help take your teaching, preaching, and study to the next level. Imagine 40-50 hours of Bible study & sermon prep done in seconds! Explore cultural and historical context, do in-depth exegesis, study the original Greek and Hebrew, and much more with interactive tools created for today’s ministry. With Factbook you can look up lemmas, counseling topics, specialized theological terms, manuscripts, and so much more. With the counseling guide, you can search for topics like marriage, grief, and addiction to discover what trustworthy biblical counseling resources have to say. Discover all the new features that will help you do the work of ministry—without the busy work.

    Mental Health: The Church & the Pastor: Pastor Vanessa York, MA, LCMHC

    Mental Health is vital to an abundant life for Christians. Unfortunately, the Church is not always prepared to minister to those suffering from mental health issues; especially if it is our leaders who are the ones suffering. This workshop equips participants on how to minister to those suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, including themselves. 

    Digital Disciples: Building Your Ministry’s Presence and Participation in Online Spaces: Rev. Heather Baker Utley

    Your digital presence is the front door of your ministry, and it’s a huge opportunity for both outreach and discipleship. In this workshop, we’ll talk through how to craft an online communication strategy that works for your context. You’ll leave feeling equipped with practical tools, tips, and tricks for best practices in online communications. Come to ask questions, share ideas, get advice, and make some new plans!

    FAITH AND POLITICS: Can we talk about it?: Rev. Soo Ji Alvarez

    As faith leaders, is it our job to give them something to talk about? YES! In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to help navigate the minefields around politics and faith as we explore a Christian’s guide to engaging in politics.

    Discipleship for the One: Maximizing the Kingdom Impact of Every Disciple: Rev. Natasha Dongell

    As our globally connected world continues to shift into a new historical era, the North American Church is just trying to catch a breath!  The cruel reality of our enemy, though, is that he does not slow down for our sake.  He is moving in on this emerging generation with vengeful force.  Let’s explore together what God is doing in this cultural moment, and how we can partner with him to plant the gospel within an emerging generation. And, let’s celebrate how the female heart is absolutely perfect for the job!

    Reducing Vulnerability to Human Trafficking and Creating New Futures Through Community Based Action: Emily Hlavka Freed & Abby Fritzgerald 

    Join the Set Free Movement (SFM) for a discussion about human trafficking, how the brokenness in our communities fuels it, and how we can create transformational impact and protect those most vulnerable to trafficking through community-based action. This session will include a presentation and a panel discussion with leaders who have come alongside their communities in tangible ways to reach those at the margins. You’ll learn more about how churches can be involved in protecting and serving those most vulnerable to human trafficking and learn how SFM teams are reducing vulnerability and creating new futures around the world. The conversation will have a special focus on building community partnerships and working with the foster care system and similar systems to create transformational impact.