Workshop Leaders Information

General Information

If you’re interested in leading a workshop at the 2024 Conference:

  • Read and complete the proposal form
  • Fill out an application, and upload proposal outline, bio, and headshot to the conference website by August 1, 2023

About the E2024 Workshops

WHWC was created out of the Wesleyan Holiness tradition which believes and practices the following:

  • Scripture affirms God’s call and blessing on both women and men.
  • From the beginning of Creation, God intended for men and women to relate to each other and to the world in egalitarian ways.
  • The Holy Spirit has been poured out on God’s daughters and sons.
  • The full participation of women at every level of ministry and in the church is a core value of our Wesleyan/Holiness heritage.
  • Christ’s Church is most effective when women and men work together, both leading based on gifts and calling, not gender.
  • We are stronger together than we are alone; a collaborative effort across denominations is required to see God’s Kingdom mandate fulfilled.

Workshops are a vital part of the way we engage, empower, and equip women to carry out their call in the world. 

Each workshop is a 60-minute presentation plus 15 minutes of Q&A. 

Please take note of the following best practices as you format and plan your workshop:

  • Practical Tools: attendees are asking for practical tools to use in their own lives and ministries
  • Handouts: using a handout during your workshop helps attendees follow your presentation, suggests further resources for study, and/or provides a link to your bibliography
  • Introductions: carve out time at the beginning to introduce yourself to facilitate relationship building and connection with attendees
  • Q & A: 15 minutes should be reserved at the end of your presentation for questions and interaction with attendees
  • Interactivity: many of our workshop attendees are looking for ways to interact, whether that be through discussion or embodied practices. Consider adding an interactive component to your workshop where applicable.
  • Ministry stories are helpful as illustrations, but should not be the entire content of the workshop
  • Advertising/Sales: WHWC will not accept workshops that seem like advertisements or a sales presentation for a particular organization or product. If you have a product or service to advertise, consider reserving an exhibit booth or becoming a sponsor.
  • Please think about the conference scripture and theme as you create your proposal, as we are looking for workshops that are able to speak to the 2024 theme. Consider including this theme in your workshop title or description.
    2024 Theme:  Your Daughters Will Prophesy
    2024 Conference Scripture: Acts 2:17-21

WHWC will offer a $200 off code for conference registration to presenters for accepted workshop proposals. **Please note: We do not cover travel expenses (transportation or lodging, *most meals are covered in the registration cost*).

E2024 Conference Workshop Tracks

As you review the track list, please keep in mind the following:

  1. You will need to identify how your proposed workshop connects with one of the tracks below.
  2. How does your workshop incorporate this year’s theme and its scriptural foundation, as provided above?
  3. The description under each track is meant to give suggestions for possible workshop topics within the track; however, workshops are not limited to these suggestions.

Embodied Practices

How do art, music, dance, exercise, or other embodied practices connect with prophetic work in the world? How does participation in these practices empower, encourage, and equip women clergy where they are? Movement and practice are expected in these workshops.

Spiritual Formation

What are some spiritual practices that connect women clergy more deeply in their relationship with Christ? How can these practices open up clergywomen to hearing from the Holy Spirit? How does healing and growing one’s own spirit impact the prophetic work of the Holy Spirit in the world? 

Practical Application

How do clergywomen live in practical ways as prophets in the world? Through their lives and ministries, what are ways that they can see themselves in prophetic work? Whether it be preaching, teaching, or living life, how do they do the work they are called to do?          

Intellectual Growth    

What are some areas of study that would help our women clergy grow intellectually as they explore what it means to be a daughter who prophesies? 


This is a specific track for male attendees. How can male leaders and colleagues better listen, advocate, and make space for women leaders in their churches, denominations, and organizations. 

Proposal Rubric

In reviewing workshop proposals, we will be following the requirements below:

✓ Presenter diversity

✓ Workshop clearly identifies how proposal connects with one of the listed tracks and the conference theme

✓ Title, Description, & Outcomes clearly align with proposed content

✓ Workshop outcomes cannot be tied to the selling or advertising of a product or service

✓ Handout, Bibliography, or List of Resources

✓ Outline demonstrates the requirements given above


  • Please note the August 1st deadline for proposal submissions.
  • Incomplete workshop submissions will not be considered.
  • Workshop presenters are limited to a maximum of 1 presentation during the conference, unless otherwise approached by the conference planning team. 
  • Workshops are permitted a maximum of 3 presenters. Additional presenters may not be added after the proposal has been submitted.

Outline of Workshop

A one-page outline of your presentation is required as a part of your workshop proposal.  

Outline must identify:

  • Two tools/takeaways for participants
  • A participatory activity
  • Outline reflects workshop outcomes
  • Outline demonstrates a predominance of practical application supported by story where appropriate
  • Outline demonstrates “with”, instead of “to/for” philosophy
  • Outline demonstrates time management that allows for 15 minutes of Q&A
  • Outline demonstrates an understanding of target audience
  • Outline engages, equips, and empowers the audience. 

Please upload your one page detailed outline by August 1, 2023  to complete your proposal.

Please email E2024 Workshop Coordinator Rev. Robbie Cansler with any questions you may have via the contact form linked below.