Conference Workshops

General Information

Workshops are a vital part of the way we engage, empower, and equip women to carry out their call in the world. 

Each workshop is a 60-minute presentation plus 15 minutes of Q&A. 

Workshops will include:

  • Practical Tools to use in your own lives and ministries
  • Handouts to help attendees follow the presentation, suggest further resources for study, and/or provides a link to the bibliography
  • Ways to interact, whether that be through discussion or embodied practices.
  • No Advertising/Sales

Embodied Practices Track

How do art, music, dance, exercise, or other embodied practices connect with prophetic work in the world? How does participation in these practices empower, encourage, and equip women clergy where they are? Movement and practice are expected in these workshops.

Erin Aylor, MS, RD, LD, MEd

Church of the Nazarene

Dardanelle, AR

Rev. Dr. Francisca Ireland-Verwoerd

Church of the Nazarene

Quincy, MA

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Letterman

Free Methodist Church

Rochester, NY

Elizabeth Temple

Crazy Horse Art Studio

Grapevine, TX

Spiritual Formation Track

What are some spiritual practices that connect women clergy more deeply in their relationship with Christ? How can these practices open up clergywomen to hearing from the Holy Spirit? How does healing and growing one’s own spirit impact the prophetic work of the Holy Spirit in the world? 

Rev. Donna S. Carlile, BCC

 Church of the Nazarene

Lake Worth Beach, FL

Megan Hall & Deedra Mager

Dauntless Grace

St. Louis, MO

Rev. Ruth Conlon

Pursuing Holiness

United Kingdom

Intellectual Growth Track

What are some areas of study that would help our women clergy grow intellectually as they explore what it means to be a daughter who prophesies? 

Rev. Rachel Bird

Church of God

Lansing, MI

Rev. Kayleigh Clark

Free Methodist Church

Havre De Grace, MD

Rev. Teanna Sunberg

Church of the Nazarene

Poznań, Poland

Practical Application Track

How do clergywomen live in practical ways as prophets in the world? Through their lives and ministries, what are ways that they can see themselves in prophetic work? Whether it be preaching, teaching, or living life, how do they do the work they are called to do?          

Rev. Joyce A. Smith

Church of God

Statesboro, GA

Major Catherine Mount

The Salvation Army

Norridge, IL

Rev. Karen L. Bates

The Wesleyan Church

Bowie, MD

Rev. Aimee Copley Mulder

Church of the Nazarene

Muskegon, MI

Corri Cusimano

The Wesleyan Church

Brandywine, MD

Rev. Patricia Porter

Free Methodist Church

Murrieta, CA

Chaplain Rev. Calia Rodriguez

Free Methodist Church

Dallas, TX

Chaplain Rev. Keli Pennington

Free Methodist Church

Greenville, IL

Major Catherine Fitzgerald

The Salvation Army

New Albany, IN

Captain Brianne Bowers

The Salvation Army

Chicago, IL

Justice Track

What does justice have to do with daughters prophesying? Where is there a need for justice, and how can clergy women live out of their gifts as they pursue justice in the world?

Rev. Dr. Estela Chao-Reza

Church of the Nazarene

Honolulu, Hawai’i

Rev. Katherine Callahan-Howell

Free Methodist Church

Cincinnati, OH

Rev. Marissa Mattox Heffernan

Free Methodist Church

Rochester, NY

Rev. Kari Morris-Guzman

Free Methodist Church

Riverside, CA

Co-Laborers Track

This is a specific track for male attendees. How can male leaders and colleagues better listen, advocate, and make space for women leaders in their churches, denominations, and organizations.

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Graham

 Church of the Nazarene

Beaverton, OR

Rev. Dr. Jaron Graham

 Church of the Nazarene

Beaverton, OR

Rev. Jason Le Shana

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, CA

Rev. Dr. Jill Richardson

Free Methodist Church

Suburban Chicago, IL

Talleres de Español / Spanish Workshops

E2024 will include practical workshops led by experienced pastors. These workshop speakers will teach in Spanish.

E2024 incluirá talleres prácticos dirigidos por pastores experimentados. Estos oradores de taller enseñarán en español.

Rev. Arlynn Ellis

La Iglesia Wesleyana

San Antonio, TX

Rev. Marianne Peña

La Iglesia Metodista Libre

Spring, TX

Rev. Vanilda Reyes de Noyes

La Iglesia Metodista Libre

Cleveland, OH

Rev. Dra. Loyda Ruiz

La Iglesia del Nazareno

McFarland, CA